Our Story

In 1889, my great grandfather, Arlington Paxton, his wife Mary Jane and their children moved to Greer County, Texas, filing on land in the Jester community. At the age of 34 he decided to move to this new land to build a life for his family. Through all the hardships that pioneer life gave them, they endured and today, 118 years later, the Paxton family still has a presence in Greer County, Oklahoma. My grandfather was one of those children who came with Arlington and Mary Jane.

My father was born here and now my wife and I, along with our two children and two grandchildren call Greer County “home”.
Karla’s family has also been in this part of the state since before statehood, filing on land in Greer County, Texas, just inside the border of what is now Harmon County near the Russell community.

As owners of the Mangum Star we count it an honor to carry on the work of the many owners, editors and publishers of the newspaper. Since the first issue came off the press in October of 1887 the Mangum Star has had a commitment to give the people of this county the news that they care about - the local news.

Over the years the method of printing the paper has changed greatly. From putting each word in a column one letter at a time, to the use of computers that send the entire paper electronically a distance of 65 miles in an instant. Yes the method has changed, but one thing that has remained constant is the commitment to you, the readers, to keep you informed about local news.

Whether it is a local election or a ball game, from the FFA stock shows to the children reading books, we strive to bring you a paper each week that you are pleased and anxious to read. Subscribers all across the nation look in their mail boxes each week for this “letter from home”, and now through the internet they can get it almost as fast as we can print it.

One thing we especially endeavor to do is encourage our future readers of the paper. They get too much bad publicity as it is, so we feel it is our job and honor to focus on the good things they do each week.

We honestly feel that God had blessed us by giving us the opportunity to be “back home” after being away for 18 years. Sometimes we are asked if we ever get tired doing a paper week after week. When asked that question I remember the statement once said that “It isn’t work if you love what you’re doing”. And we truly love what we do.

As the 4th oldest paper in Oklahoma and the oldest paper in western Oklahoma, we feel honored that you read our weekly publication. We hope to continue for many, many more years.

May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

Casey and Karla Paxton former owners of the Mangum Star-News